Here’s why so many people are so crazy over their Spa session!

It helps you destress

Feeling stressed out at work? Getting all burnt out? Take a day off and head to the Spa! A spa session typically includes an awesome massage, soaking in the bathtub and sometimes, a session in the steam room. Feel your energy revived and your senses rejuvenated after your session.

It detoxifies

When you take a dip in the warm, cozy bathtub, your tense muscles start to relax and you might even start sweating a little! Worry not! Relieving sweat while you are relaxing is actually good for you. You are detoxifying your body from unwanted toxic and also at the same time, boosting immunity.

Improves your metabolism

Your heart rate will increase rapidly in the steam room. This increase will help boost your metabolism as well as improve your breathing technique – leaving you feeling more calmed after the session.

Helps control your appetite

Feeling hungry? Did you know, Spa actually helps control your appetite and can even help you to lose weight! We tend to overeat in a stressful situation. Being in the spa helps you clear your thought and slow down, helping you to keep calm and eat slowly and mindfully.

Improve your night sleep

Having difficulty sleeping at night? Find yourself tossing in your bed? Trying indulging a spa session and feel the difference! The soothing music, the therapeutic massage and the peaceful setting will help you stay rested, stress-free and relaxed. So much so that you’d find yourself sleeping like a log every night!