There’s been some serious development happening at EasySpa and we’re happy to tell you about the app update available in the app stores. Here are just a few of the changes we’ve made!

Customers can now see both online and offline Spa and Salon businesses . If the Spa is offline when you send a booking they will get an email to know you want to make a booking. Previously we were only showing Spa staff who were online.


Customers can pin their location to the map so if they request Spa staff to visit their address the business staff can find them more easily.

customer-settings customer-pin-location-to-map

To change password has been moved to a seperate window reducing the clutter in the settings screen.


When business staff scroll around the map, new customer markers are shown and those customer markers who are not in the center view are removed to keep loading speed good.


Spa business settings screen has been simplified so you can enter your full address, post/zip code, directions in one field.


Business website and facebook page URLs are optional


Beauty professional business opening hours interface made more simple


There’s been a whole ton of other tiny tweaks to make your experience better including the notifications of bookings, confirmations, cancellations, uploading images etc.

EasySpa is still free to download and use. There’s no commission charged! There are no ads! We simply connect Spa and Salon business owners with Customers looking for Makeup, Hair, Massage, Nail Care, Skincare, Waxing services.

Please download or update your iPhone or Android apps now and feel the difference!