Life in cities like Singapore can be tough on women and men. Everything from the seasonal haze, polluting traffic and scorching Sun can get in the way of your health. Taking care of your skin & your face is imperative to bring out your natural best. EasySpa is a new mobile app that helps you locate nearest salons and spas that helps you find facial beauty professionals and make bookings with them.

Oily Skin: Oil produced by your body can help keep your skin healthy but too much is too bad. You’ll need a deep cleansing facial that increases the flow of oxygen to your skin. Applying masks & clays to your face can draw out oils & cleanse pores to redeem your radiant glow.
Tired Skin: Putting in long hours at work can dull your skin. Exfoliation is a great way to brighten up those dead cells. Facial packs that have coconut milk, saffron, banana & honey can revive your complexion & bring a natural richness to it.


Dry Skin: Having dry skin can dehydrate your body & its advisable to avoid soap-free products. Using moisturizers that are rich in ceramides & glycerin can help draw water to your skin. Banana masks, & avacado masks can do magic for you.

Sensitive Skin: Women with sensitive skin should avoid product-heavy facials. Opting for a calming mask that will stimulate blood flow & sooth your skin will your best bet. Beauticians usually remove blackheads before they start a facial which can cause redness & lesions. Advise them to do it with great care.

Using EasySpa is simple:
1. Select the Services you are looking for
2. Choose date, time and location
3. Your booking request is sent to beauty professionals near you and they will offer you a starting price and discount exclusive to EasySpa

Download the app from here:

Remember guys and girls, a billion dollar smile will always go better with a glowing face. So, book your next facial appointment with .