Wow, since we made the app available Worldwide we’re getting thousands of new members. Here are some recent Frequently asked questions (FAQs).

Staff FAQs (see below image)

Question: Do we have to allocate specific timeslots for the booking? 
= No the Customer will request the time they want to make their booking, you just need to Accept and Submit Price OR remove/ignore the booking

Question: Can we block out our company’s creditcard details in the Staff access view? That is, when the staff logs into the app, he/she should not be able to view the creditcard details or purchase any credits.
= Currently there are no fees to Staff so there is no need to topup in app anymore

Question: Is it possible for your team to call our Spa or send us an email for every booking request from customer?
= If you are logged into the app you will get a push notification to your mobile for every booking request from customer. We only send emails when a booking is confirmed or a confirmed booking is cancelled.

Question: What is a “confirmed booking”?
= A confirmed booking is one where a customer requested the booking (e.g. Date, Treatment, Time, Location) and then the business staff confirmed it by Submitting a Price and any optional discount to the customer. If the Customer choose Visit my Home then the Staff need to go to that address. If the Customer choose I will go to Spa, then the Staff wait for the Customer to come to their business location

Question: Are all bookings confirmed immediately? Or our staff have to click confirm?
= When a Customer sends a booking request, that booking needs to be confirmed by the business Staff it was sent to. The Customer sees the booking in their “Sent” tab till the booking is confirmed.

= Make sure you add all the details in the app Settings screen to get bookings, including adding your own custom Service Names, Price, Duration, Description

Business Staff can add their own services with price and duration.

Customers see service treatment details including pricing before they send a booking request to be confirmed by you.

Question: Can the app work in another language
= Currently the app is in English but we already started to build a multi-lingual update for the future.

Question: What are the fees for a Spa and Customer.
= Currently 0, the Customers pay you directly and we don’t take booking fees.

Question: Can Business Staff close times in advance if I am busy at a certain time
= Business Staff will only get Customer requests if they are logged into the app and have filled out their Settings. If you get a Customer request and you are busy you can just “remove” the Awaiting request so the Customer will know you are busy.

— Customer FAQs:
I am looking for a massage Center in my country but the app but I don’t find anything
= We are getting many many new users signup per day so please check back in a week and hopefully we have more business staff nearby you and the Services list will be updated when you go to the Home screen in the app.

As we recently launched our mobile app in many different countries, there might not yet be business staff available in your area. We are getting many many new users signup per day so if you are a Customer and don’t see any staff online, check back in a few days and we should have more business staff nearby you and the Services list will be updated when you go to the Home screen in the app.