Aroma Therapy

Aroma Therapy

While we are working hard with our developer team to improvise and finalize our EasySpa app, here are 5 tips you can take to improve your Spa experience!

1. Book your appointment way ahead of time
Popular Spa can get booked up real quickly. When you make your booking early (we suggest 2 weeks or 1 week prior to your pamper session), you get to enjoy your Spa on the date and at the time you want! Also, you don’t have to move your schedules around to suit your Spa day!

2. Map the direction of the intended Spa in your mind before making a reservation.
If you taking the transportation to the intended Spa place, ensure you have the direction and location all ready few days or even before you make your appointment. This way, you are not too stressed out trying to figure out buses or train to take! If you’re taking a cab, make sure you know what time you should be calling for a cab. Knowing the location of a Spa is important. What if you have actually booked a place too faraway from your hotel/ house?

3. Ask the receptionist the right questions.
Call in and make sure you have all you need to save time and money purchasing them during your spa session. We suggest a checklist of questions:

  • Do I need a pair of sandals
  • Is towel provided?
  • Are shampoo and soap provided?
  • Do I need a lock for my locker?
  • What type of food is available around the area or in the SPA? (Just in case you have allergies, you’re on a diet or you’re restraining from a certain type of food!
  • Is tip required? (This is so important so you know if you should bring extra cash or not!)
  • How can I pay for my treatment? Is it a cash-only SPA or is credit card accepted?

4. Ensure you’re not doing anything stressful after your treatment.
You get to relax during your session, yes. But it’s important to relax after too! After your treatment, you will be no longer tense, more lightheaded and happier. So it is really important to have that feeling lingers in you for a while. If possible, the whole day! So keep your work or stress away, those can wait. Think about the present and work on what you have to when your off-day is over!

5. Arrive at least 15 minutes early
Before any Spa session, you will be required to fill in a form. Depending on how hectic the Spa, it can take from 10-15 minutes. We suggest you arrive early to prevent rushing for your appointment and to ensure you are given a satisfying service! The purpose of a Spa session is for you to relax and go stress-free. So you want to make sure you’re not rushing your way to your treatment.

What are other ways you take to go stress-free? What are some of your favourite Spa places? Comment below, we’d love to hear from you!